Q: Why A.U.R.A Hypnosis & R.A.A.H Reiki? These techniques are very effective because they are considered "entity removal techniques." 'Entity' is an umbrella term encompassing many different types of energies. These are energies/entities that may have attached to you during some difficult experience or traumatic events. We want to remove these entities because they are not native to you.  Entities could be related to health issues or simply be blocking or draining your energy. We make sure your subconscious self, aka higher self, is ready to let it go and then we fill up that empty space with Love-light energy (which is what we are all made of). This is the aspect that sets A.U.R.A and R.A.A.H sessions apart from other hypnosis and energy work techniques. We have found it to be very effective and foundational in self-healing from any type of disease.

Q: Do I need to get ready? Yes, there is preparation and aftercare that you are recommended to do around your session date for your best healing outcomes. Please read 13 Ways to Prepare for your AURA Session. or 13 Ways to Prepare for your RAAH Session. After your session the following 13 days your healing journey continues! You may find yourself wanting to sleep more or you're having extra vivid dreams. We also recommend some meditation exercises you can do to keep your vibes high. It is also recommended not to eat heavy foods such as red meats and to avoid alcohol and refined sugars. It is a beautiful time of healing after your session, where you may continue to receive memories around what you experienced during your session. You might want to add some space into your schedule for alone time/self-care/journaling.

Q: What supplies do I need for an A.U.R.A or R.A.A.H online session?
1. A place to lay down where you will be alone and comfortable.

2. Options for blankets, pillows, an eye mask or something else to cover your eyes.

3. Your phone or other device to connect via Zoom app.

4. Microphone or headphones with a mic (not wireless ones).

5. Glass of water by your bed.

6. If available to you, bring two small crystals: Selenite and a Black Tourmaline or Shungite.

7. Email us your list of (up to 13) questions prior to the session.

P.S. It's OK to have pets in the room during the session, as they are great energetic helpers. We prefer that no other people will be in the room with you during this time, so that they are not distracting.

Q: What type of past/future lifetimes will be revealed during a session?

In A.U.R.A hypnosis sessions, your Higher Self will take you to the time and place that is relevant to your life today. This is to assist you in healing what you are currently going through now. The themes from the past/future/parallel lifetimes will connect to today and it's so profound. You will find many questions answered and find confirmations on what you might already have inclinations about.

Q: Why is it Called Angelic Alchemy?

Practitioners call on the assistance of archetypal energies within Source, such as archangels to aid us in healing and protecting us during our sessions, as needed. Sacred alchemy symbols are envisioned as well, to assist with sacred energy work for transmuting negativity. You may want to connect to these beautiful divine helpers during your own meditations prior to a session, as you feel called to do so.

Q: Will I tell you all my secrets while hypnotized? No, you will not feel compelled to do or say anything that you do not want to do and consent is very important to us. We also will not get you to do anything hokey like "Quack" as if you are a duck!

Q: Will it hurt me?
Don't worry; there will not be any physical pain. During hypnosis and reiki sessions you are resting and very relaxed. Your practitioner will make sure that you are energetically shielded during your session. Clients often find they get emotional during past/future life experiences and may briefly cry or have heavy breathing, etc. This is nothing to be worried about; as it is part of the healing process that your subconscious wants you to experience and we will be there to guide you the entire time and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Q: What if hypnosis doesn't work on me? A.U.R.A. sessions are unique compared to other hypnosis techniques because prior to inducing the hypnosis state you will receive some R.A.A.H. Reiki energy work to assist you to deeply relax. Hypnosis is a very natural state of the Theta brainwave. Everyone experiences Theta and typically goes in and out of it all day long! If you feel like your mind is way too active for hypnosis, that's OK, may want to try a few short sessions of meditation before your appointment or begin with only R.A.A.H. Reiki sessions. Limiting or stopping caffeine prior to the session is also highly recommended. Trusting the person you receive hypnosis from is important so that you can truly relax. Look at the doc "how to prepare for sessions" to find some suggested exercises or try this guided meditation (coming soon) Kali has recorded in her own voice for you to begin to get acquainted with.

Q: Regarding Property Clearing R.A.A.H. Reiki, do I have to be at the property?
For best results, yes. We will set up an appointment time for you and you will be in your home/property to aid the process and light some incense and a candle while I am at my location performing the clearing through my intentions and translocating my astral form or energy to where you are. After the session, we will chat on the phone or via email about what the work and what I intuited during the session.

Q: Do you do reiki for birds or reptile pets?
I am happy to do R.A.A.H. reiki healing for any type of animal companions that you have. All I require from you is a recent photo of the animal, its name, and city/state location.

More questions? Let's chat! Schedule a short introductory call with Kali to get your questions answered.