CBD lotion  - The one that works!

Our sister company Berea Botanicals LLC, has created a truly unique CBD lotion. It's fast-acting, long-lasting, Odorless, and works without leaving a greasy residue.

What makes ours unique?

In general, cannabinoid molecules like CBD are too large to easily pass through the skin to deliver their effects into the body. Most CBD topicals attempt to account for this by making their formulas thick and greasy so that the longer contact time with the skin will allow their products to enter the body. Berea Botanicals found a better way and went the other direction, utilizing our Proprietary Herbal Blend carrier to ensure that the CBD rapidly and effectively passes through the skin and into the fascia, muscle, and joints, leaving no greasy residue. Instead, you're left with soft skin and quick relief. Also, many other CBD topicals are strongly scented, which is often not desirable. We instead include various concentrated plant extracts that provide additional benefits while remaining completely odorless. We think you'll find our CBD topical the most rapidly absorbed, and effective CBD topical you've ever experienced.

We are currently accepting wholesale customers. Please contact me here to inquire.